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An examination of Expressionist Art, its original style and intentions and its contrast to later acceptable art.

TOPIC: An examination of Expressionist Art, its original style and intentions and its contrast to later acceptable art. Germany and Austria, among other places, experienced a Modernist movement influenced by earlier artists. Additionally, those two places found that Modernism assisted in expressing social commentary. Also, World War I (in which many artists were involved) generated […]

World Music

Read the essay, included here, “‘The Enigma of Arrival’: Hybridity and Authenticity in the Global Space” by Peter van der Meer and reflect on how selected points raised in the essay might apply to or illuminate the concept “World Music” as a category, or are otherwise relevant to thinking about musical genres and practices in […]

Talent Management

-All examples should be fashion brands or company. -Please follow the requirements and the teachers feedback to make changes for Assignment 1.-Use the form plate in “requirements” to write assignment 2-quantity research, just fill in the lines and blanks. -Interview Questions should be separate into 4 sections, each section 2-3 questions , ask for interviewee’s […]

Ansel Adams

A student must write on a particular photographer or body of images, or on a historical period in which the student is interested, etc. Project topics must establish links between photographic works and the contexts in which they were created.  Papers are researched using scholarly, responsible sources such as books, exhibition catalogues, and articles. (chiefly […]

Lady Gaga & fashion

I am running an online store that sells branded apparel, accessories and footwear.. from Gucci to Adidas and almost 60 other brands in between.I would love to get some blog posts about controversial celebrities and fashion.. Celebrities who are loved by millions and their relation to fashion and their own style of dressing .. Lady […]

Western Art History Virtual Art Exhibit

You can keep it simple and use our textbooks for your selected artworks. 35,000 B.C.E. to 500 C.E. Paleolithic art through the Early Medieval period will be covered in the course materials, and therefore, your selected art works should be within this time frame. Please do not pick a Renaissance art work or anything contemporary. […]

Film Paper

Watch Beau Travail and write: Decide on a specific element you would like to examine and discuss in your paper.This could be a particular cinematic elements such as music, editing, cinematography or the content and themes of the film or the characterizations depicted in the film, or the structure and form of thefilm. You can […]

research and write a content analysis paper about “A Bigger Splash” By David Hockney

Your completed paper should demonstrate the ability to identify, interpret, and consider how each component of a content analysis adds to your selected art work’s meaning, themes, or message. The components of a content analysis you will research and write about include: subject matter, personal interpretation, symbols and iconography, context, physical surroundings, and method of […]

Final Project for Dance 171

Final Project for Dance 171Instructor: Alysia Michelle JamesUCSB Theater and Dance Overall Objective: Create a piece of choreography to an approved song and film a performance of it to present to class during finals week. You will write a corresponding paper in which you will discuss the musical elements of the song and how they […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Format: 1-2 pages, double-spaced. Submission Method: Once you have written and revised your film review, save it as either .doc or .pdf, then submit. Point Value: Up to 25 points. You will only be able to view your grade by returning to your submission. Canvas doesn’t handle extra credit well, so this assignment will appear […]

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