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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr conveying the message of empowerment and encouragement through figurative language and rhetorical appeals

How does Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.s effective use of figurative language and rhetorical appeals to convey a message of empowerment and encouragement? Analyze this excerpt of his speech and support your answer with textual evidence.Excerpt from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.s I Have A Dream speechI am not unmindful that some of you have […]


Please note: 1. Each question / concept should have three separate paragraph answers: (i) describe the concept in detail. (ii) describe an example from your experience, OR reading. (iii) describe why this is a good example relating to a current issue.2. Please email me your answers (pdf WORD) using your csi student email. 3. The […]

Community Colleges

My topic is “Are community colleges “colleges of last resort?””This paper centers around reading “In the Basement of the Ivory Tower”Link to reading: Take a stand on Proffesor’s X claim by making an arguable claim of your own. You will specifically cite quotes from In the Basement of the Ivory Tower as a primary […]


Students will take one or two  interesting aspect of one of the three texts (Dreamland, Unbroken Brain, Hey Kiddo ), and present to class.  Students can discuss something they found unique, enlightening, profound and or a section of the books  that may have a drew upon some personal emotion while reading the texts. Five minutes […]

Explain the factors that lead to the rise of female athletes

“Write an essay (with introduction and conclusion) on the suggested topic.Your introduction should include the thesis statement – main idea of the paper (here is more detailed explanation – Don’t include any new information in the conclusion. It should  restate the thesis statement of the paper.Support your ideas with relevant arguments and examples (in-text […]

Alzheimers disease using ENDNOTE REFERENCING (software)

Write a text on alzheimers disease, 3 pages, using the end note software. Introduction, incidence in Canada, risk factors, prevention, treatment … try to include a variety of information (can be whatever you want, but it has be well supported, not Wikipedia. The most important part of this work is to reference using END note […]

Create an outline of the reading ” Styles of Popular Music.”

. Create an outline of the reading ” Styles of Popular Music.” . Use I, II, III……. Main ideas (Roman numbers) -each paragraph even the introduction should start with a roman number. It makes it easier. Remember your cover page!             A, B, C …..  Supporting ideas (Capital letters)   […]

Thesis and Annotated Bibliography

This is not an essay. Write thesis and bibliography. Essay will be on next order Thesis: For the paper, please choose a topic from one of four categories. Each include topics and research suggestions for your potential essay.Next, develop a thesis statement using the category and topic you chose. The Annotated Bibliography: An annotated bibliography […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Prior to beginning this assignment, visit the U.S. EEOC website. The EEOC plays a main function in employment cases in the United States. For this assignment, you will locate a recent EEOC case within the last two years and address the following elements: Explain the general functions and authority of the EEOC.Provide a brief overview […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

This is based off working as an intern at an alternative high school in the Boston area with students dealing with trauma based issues and difficult upbringings      Consider a client system in your internship. (Micro or Macro)    Identify 2 articles from the professional literature that illustrate methods for intervention and practice evaluation with a […]

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