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Non-Majors Biology, Unit VII Assessment

Each question is separate, this is not a paper. Question 1. Imagine that you are a forensic detective and you have been tasked with analyzing a complete skeleton. How might you go about determining if the skeleton is male or female? What characteristics would you look for?Your answer must be at least 200 words in […]

Reflect on your Development

Course Competencies: Evaluate responses of communicable diseases in healthcare today.Debate current healthcare policy as it relates to nursing practice.Critique ethical issues in current nursing practice.Analyze cultural and social issues in the contemporary, professional nursing environment.Evaluate the use of information technology and patient data analyses in the current healthcare delivery system.Analyze current issues in healthcare.Instructions: Reflect […]

Case Study #2 -Hidden Podcast Brain

Case Study #2: Listen to the Hidden Brain Podcast: Fee-For-Service Monster (Sept. 7, 2020; 52:11)  Here is the link to the Hidden Brain Podcast: (Links to an external site.) Then, answer the following questions: 1. In the very beginning of the podcast, the host talks about an episode of The Office and describes the […]

CIS and CDSS Comparison

In this assignment, you will examine the differences between the clinical information systems (CIS) and clinical decision support systems (CDSS). In a 2 3 page paper, compare and contrast the following for both the CIS and CDSS:     Identify the key features of each.    Identify the key similarities and differences of each.    […]

Module Project 3

Make sure you review related chapters before answering below questions.  According to the course syllabus, answers in the homework should demonstrate that the student has read carefully and critically in the relevant field. Answers should be thoroughly supported by evidence, examples and observations. For each question (except question 1), write a thorough and well-reasoned response. […]

Non-Majors Biology, Unit VI PowerPoint

InstructionsIn the mid-1950s, the first study linking cigarette smoking to lung cancer was published. In the decades that followed, many other studies supported this finding and a host of other health-related effects attributed to smoking were uncovered.Over the last few decades, cities and states have created local regulations prohibiting smoking in certain public places. In […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Discussion: Politics and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Regardless of political affiliation, individuals often grow concerned when considering perceived competing interests of government and their impact on topics of interest to them. The realm of healthcare is no different. Some people feel that local, state, and federal policies and legislation can be either […]

unethical science

Once you have read and researched using the information there, post your case of scientific or medical malfeasance here. You should post concerning a DIFFERENT example of unethical or questionable scientific or medical practice or behavior! In your post, summarize the case, give at least one informative weblink concerning the incident for your classmates to […]


    Identify one evidence-based behavior change that would promote health in your selected population.    Suggest one specific culturally sensitive, evidence-based, measureable intervention to address the health problem for your selected population.    Think in terms of measuring outcomes. What outcomes would you expect to see once the intervention(s) are in place? Be specific.

clinical packet

Pls complete the highlighted part in the clinical packet:1. Address rationale for each abnormal lab 2. History of problem (COLDSPA)3. Explain: When caring for your patient, what legal and ethical standards of nursing were pertinent for them?4. Compare and contrast your patients assessment findings with those in the text on the medical diagnosis. Example: Does […]

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