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You have to complete this prompt and I will give you the sources to use/look up Medium [2 x 4 points each; approximate one-paragraph answers] i) What was Tylors intellectual and political project in his introductory essay, Primitive Culture? ii) Introduce Margaret Meads work on Samoa. What kind of culture concept does she invoke, what […]

Al-Shaheed Park in Kuwait

Please follow the instructions closely: Discuss the below main points with illustrations:    Main Environmental issues of the projects location.    Project main characteristics (area, cost, etc.).    Project objective.    Building materials used.    Renewable sources of energy used.    Is it a success? Report Format and mark distribution:    Title or cover page (1 mark)    Acknowledgments (1 mark)    Table of […]

Globalization and History

Hello, I need help answering these three question in short essay: *In what ways does looking through the lens of history enhance your understanding of           globalization?*Consider a current event in the news that has a historical counterpart. How does looking through           the history lens influence […]

engaging person with disabitles

Identify the 6 principles from your textbook that guide our approach to working with persons with a disability.What are your responsibilities within each of these areas? 1. disability culture2. culture  and oppression3.minority status and culture4. development of disability culture5.disability culture and liberation6. advocacy and cultural development

Primate Characteristics Questions

making sure to include the question number.1.What are primitive traits, and what is an example of a primitive trait that primates share? What are derived traits, and what is an example of a derived trait in humans? (use examples that are not in the textbook) What does it mean that primitive and derived traits are […]

Color Adjustment Essay

I would like you to watch and write a 500 word essay on the documentary Color Adjustment: A History of African American Portrayal on Television. For the essay, please discuss the history and transition of African Americans in television from the 1950s to the late 1980s. Please be specific in your discussion/analysis by highlighting important […]

Module2 Discussion 1

Please respond to 1 & 2. Please make sure that both have references> This is what I wrote: How SLU Core Values are connected to the Ethical CodesThere is a connection between SLU core values and ethical codes. One of the instances in which they are related is that both require one to show respect […]

Module 2 Discussion 2 Response

Please respond to the 2 people. Please make sure you have a reference for each. How to Create Boundaries that Protect Client Confidentiality Client confidentiality will be protected at all times by adhering to their right to privacy and secrecy. However, the right to privacy will be breached when and if the adhering to the […]

Policy Paper

I choose Poverty In this discussion, submit a thread (300 or more words) sharing the policy topic you would like to write about for the paper that is due in Unit 7. This topic should be of importance to you; this will help in writing your paper.  Be sure to include two reasons why there […]

Policy Brief

Read a policy brief/report from either the Brookings Institute or the Hoover Institution and address the following questions:How does the brief/report compare with the description of policy analysis in your required readings?Do you think the analysis comes more from a rational perspective or a political perspective?  Why?Do you support changes being made to your selected […]

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