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Correctional misconduct

For this assignment, you will research a case involving correctional misconduct that has taken place on U.S. soil. You may go back as far as you would like in history for this case study. Complete the following. Locate a criminal case that involved correctional misconduct.Outline the case facts and identify the specific problem(s) that led […]

Today I stopped Caring/Poem

You are to read the attached poem “Today I Stopped Caring” by Daniel Furseth.  You will answer the following questions.  Keep in mind that this is a college level class and you should submit college level thinking papers. -Explain what this poem means to you or what feeling you received from it? -Do you agree […]


During the 1990s, New York City adopted a method of policing based on the broken windows theory. Subsequently, crime decreased. In regard to the policy change, your essay will respond to the following questions: What is the broken windows theory of policing?How did the New York Police Department implement its new theory of policing?How has […]

Performance Management

Reconciling Performance Management with Democracy                                                              The articles by Beryl Radin and that of the Denhardts offer a range of critiques to the technocratic vision of […]

Performance Management

Reconciling Performance Management with Democracy                                                                The articles by Beryl Radin and that of the Denhardts offer a range of critiques to the technocratic vision […]

Extremists and Terrorists

Recently, we have talked about different types of extremist and terrorist activity online. In this reflection, forecast and discuss one example of online activity that we haven’t discussed that could be adopted by extremists and terrorists. It could be a variation on a type of activity we’ve discussed, it could be a type of activity […]

Business law

Hello and thank you very much in advance. I have attached the assignment brief which is very clear and includes all the appropriate information. All four questions must be answered. It is very important to note that the questions regard the UK LAW! The structure of the answers should be as follows: 1. Introduction: Identify […]

Research Assignment

:You can choose to research and attempt to formulate an answer to one of the following questions.  You must present the question and make reasoned argument  and  evidentiary  based  solutions  for  how  you  think  the  question should be answered. 1) Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was the second woman appointed to the United States Supreme Court.  […]

Female Justices

here is the website : Nelson Shanks painted this portrait of the first four female justices.  Read about the portrait, and justices, on that page of the website.  The Supreme Court was established in 1789 but there wasn’t a female justice until 1981, when Sandra Day O’Connor became the first woman to sit on […]


This video covers so many important issues related to race, racial inequality, racial injustice, slavery, institutional discrimination and terrorism.  Pick 3 things that stood out to you (because they surprised you, because you could relate to them, because it reminded you of something else you read/ saw somewhere else, etc) and explain why they stood […]

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