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Service Quality

Marketing/Business Paper: In one-to-two sentences each, describe the five Service Quality categories (tangibility, reliability, responsiveness, assurance, and empathy) and provide an example of each. Identify three distinct service providers with whom you are personally familiar. (Examples: Amazon, Costco, and Netflix). Rate each of your three service providers in each of the five categories, and, then, […]

Retail Visit

Please review the attached Word document for full assignment instructions. The goal of this assignment is for you to evaluate a retailer using the six P’s of the retailing mix. Price, Promotion, Place, Product, Presentation, Personnel. 3 pages12-pt Times New Roman font1-inch margins on all sidesDouble-spacedAPA Format

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Food marketing through your day During two consecutive days (Wednesday/Thursday or Saturday/Sunday etc.)  be aware of all the food marketing you see by the food industry ( food retailers, food and beverage producers, and food service companies). Create a list and record all your interactions. Divide the interactions between conscious and unconscious influences.

destination marketing

Hi, I would need some help with my work in marketing. I need to answer these 4 questions: 1. What crisis (not Covid) affected your destination? What was the impact of the crisis on the destination/place/country you researched in a) direct and b) indirect terms? 2. Public perception about a destination of their choice is […]


For as much positive change as social media has created, it has arguably been a negative disrupter in society. One of the solutions that is discussed is the idea of breaking up the dominance of players like Facebook. tell us your point of view. Read Kara Swisher’s viewpoint and listen to Prof Galloway’s podcast in […]

Marketing Plan Deliverable 2 of 3

In this deliverable, your team will provide STPD analysis for your class project company.Design the components listed below for your marketing plan.1. Design the Target MarketDesign a one page description of the target customers you want bring in to your business. Explain different charateristics of these customers and describe why these customers will fullfil the […]

marketing video

Some things to mention/discuss for the video can be what you learned, whether you think its a good/bad idea/strategy, things that may have surprised you.  Write your own thoughts/opinions.  Not a word for word description of what was discussed in the video. Video link:–AuxdQUdlo&list=PLDt0J62yU45sN1rBmNiSRr12acZBnPAZy&index=24

Mayo Clinic: Branding Excellence in Healthcare

As we noted in class, services are different from products. Service are performed, products are things. The creation of value through a service is therefore very different from that with a product. And services constitute well more than half the value in the GDP of a developed country. Finally, service businesses (JPM, Citi, Deloitte, PWC, […]

Individual Report (Sustainability)

Hello friend, All the assessment is well explained in the file uploaded. (PDF)The structure to use is also written down in the PDF document. The analysis should not exceed 2500 words. You will also find the following uploads on Materiality Matrix, Management and Sustainability Tools (PPT) useful in completing the assessment. We can then discuss […]

marketing communication

Think of a marketing communication (ad, letter, email, billboard, display, etc.) that ultimately led to a change in your attitude toward a product, service, or experience. -Describe the product, experience, or service-Describe the marketing communication-Analyze which attitude molding route the marketing communication used:-Conative route: It changed your actions somehow (sample product, free trial, etc.) and […]

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