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Any topic (writer’s choice)

Complete this activity by doing the required activity and posting your thoughts in a new thread and then respond to another student’s post by explaining why you find their article to be strong or weak evidence for climate change. Find 1 news article from a reputable* news source discussing evidence of global climate change. The […]

Understanding of colours

Please read part 1 and Part 2 carefully. This is the final assignment so it worth a lot.Please make sure everything gets cited.Its asking for some pictures, which I do need it to be included as well.I have posted the template as well.

Any topic (writer’s choice)

I need an introduction for ( The effect of different type of water on plant growth) The first source is water from the Elk river The second source is drinking waterThe third source is utility waterThe fourth source is distilled water ADD sources

Human Organ Systems: Cigarette smoking.

Cigarette smoking remains the leading preventable cause of death in the United States, causing an estimated 438,000 deathsor about 1 out of every 5 smokerseach year (Woloshin, Schwartz, & Welch, 2008). Mr. Amos is 57 years old and has been smoking for the past 30 years of his life. A recent doctor’s visit revealed that […]

Unit VIII Journal

What concepts have you struggled with in these chapters, and what tools or ways have you used to overcome the obstacle to learn the material? Are you still struggling with a concept with which you need help? Discuss how the concepts in this course can be applied to real-world situations and increase your chances of […]

Unit VII Journal

The air that we breathe is the most common gas in the world. It is something that is being harmed to an extreme extent. What is the air quality in your local area? Be sure to include your thoughts on why you consider your air quality to be above or below the worldwide average air […]

Unit VI Discussion

Do you know the reason ice floats in your drink? It is because the density of ice is lower than that of water. Chemistry is happening all around you at all times (both physical and chemical changes). What have you observed within the last week that involves chemistry? What is that process/reaction?

Pollution; Ozone depletion

– Add more of YOUR VOICE to the original paper and each sub topic inside ( add your point of view to each subtopic on the paper like; what do you think are the causes of pollution, Increased radiations on the earths surface, Melting of the glacier, what are the Health hazards, etc) – Come […]

Sequence Analysis

The assignment has a number of components, all of which provide learning opportunities for you.You will complete a sequence analysis based on one scene or sequence from a film or video screened for this course preferably one that is required rather than recommended.There are lots of kinds of Sequence Commentaries out there, usually in the […]

tics effecting moose in the winter

Write a thesis introduction which includes:a. A purpose statement accompanied by specific, well-written hypothesesb. A summary of methodologies from three primary sourcesc. Definitions of terms and research limitations, as appropriate.Write a results section for your thesis which includes:a. A summary of results from at least three primary sources written in paragraph formb. At least one […]

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