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Archive for the ‘Philosophy’ Category

Francois Furet

How can Francois Furet be analyzed through the historiography of the French Revolution? I am struggling to pin point him to a certain distinction of historiography because it seems like he combines approaches from differing meta-narratives. Is he more of a Marxist or a Social historian?

Philosophy of love and sex

1. Loving the Good, or Just Good Loving?What is the relationship between the conception of love espoused by Socrates in the Symposium and Augustine’s conception of love? How might Socrates and Augustine best defend their conceptions of love in response to Baier’s criticisms of the misamorist tradition in “Unsafe Love’s”? Are any of the contemporary […]

Ibn Rushd, The Incoherence of the Incoherence

First, introduction and well addressed biograph about lbn Rushd and his importance as a Muslim scholar in Al Andalus. Second, his importance in philosophy and his work The Incoherence of the Incoherence, which is rebuttal of Ghazali’s book Incoherence of the Philosophers, and how Ibn Rushd defended philosophy and counter al Ghazal’s book and his […]


In his article Famine, Affluence, and Morality, (beginning on page 235), Peter Singer spoke about the distinction between duty and charity. He said that in our society, Because giving money is regarded as an act of charity, it is not thought that there is anything wrong with not giving. The charitable man may be praised, […]

Philosophy of love and sex

8. The Elephant in the RoomWe have argued that most of the accounts of love we’ve considered this semester at best get only part of the story of love right. In particular, we argued that many theories of love give a necessary, but not sufficient, condition on love. For example, recall Firestone’s account whereby love […]

Philosophy of love and sex

Each of the speakers in The Symposium has something to say about what love is, and in doing so they give different, though not necessarily contradictory, answers to the question, why do we seek romantic love? In other words, it is one thing to understand what love is, quite another to understand why we desire […]

Ethics term paper

Reference and discuss at least two authors opposing ( for and one against) perspectives of the ethical issues raised by the topic. (Preliminary Version)a.        The two authors opposing perspectives were relevant, balanced and discussed in an insightful manner. (20 points)b.        The two authors opposing perspectives were relevant, balanced and/or […]


Reading: St. Augustine, The City of God, pp. 156 86The editors of our text point out that there is an ambiguity in the claim: the good is what God wills. That is, it must mean one or the other of the following two statements: 1) God wills what is good because it is good 2) […]

Phl Unit 10

Read Sandel’s ch. 8, Who Deserves What? and Watch Sandels Episode 10. Answer ONE of the following in your short essay. Also, post a peer response. Remember, as usual, to cite from the book (see rubric for more). 1. Explain Aristotles theory of the median or golden mean. Give examples. 2. Come up with at […]


Read Chapter 7 of the Steneck text (Links to an external site.). Prepare 2-3 paragraphs that address the following: 1. Address each of the questions at the end of Chapter 7 of the Steneck text. Your answers can be brief. 2. Imagine that, five or ten years from now, you are running a laboratory similar […]

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