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worldview and/or theology/philosophy of life.

REQUIREMENTS1.Theology/Philosophy of Life Essay l write a Life Story (faith journey) essay that introduces how their own theology/philosophy of life has developed to this point of their life.Write an essay which describes your current worldview and/or theology/philosophy of life. Include key factors, persons, and experiences which have shaped you on your life journey, or have […]

Common Bonds

* Reflect on several things that strike you in the chapter.  You may want to include an insight or an observation on the part of the author that you find interesting, thought-provoking, challenging, resonating, convicting, or even annoying and distressing. You may comment on things with which you agree or disagree.* Your reflections need not […]


Read this weeks assigned verses. For your initial post, answer the following:  Why does the author advise us to listen to wise people? What is the benefit? What happens if we listen to fools instead? What does it mean to apply your heart to my knowledge”? Analyze King Rehoboams communication to people in the light […]

Religion and Media

For each of the units of this course, you are asked to offer your analysis of the relationship of religion and media at stake by writing some component of a paper. Your paper component should be designed to offer a creative, thoughtful, and critical answer to the questions, what is the relationship of religion and […]


1. a. What do we mean when we say the Civil War never ended?  [1 point]    b. What did the Reconstruction Plan demand of the Southerners? [2 points]    c.  Describe The Lost Cause. [2 points]2.  a. How does Jonathan Haidt describe the relationship between the rational mind and intuition?  [1 point]      […]

world religion

discussing ONE point that stood out to you from EACH of the three assigned sources: Elie Wiesel @ Auschwitz (film length is 45 minutes)Paving the Way to Resistance by Oliner (pp.73-104)Liberation Was Only for Others: Breaking the Silence in Germany Surrounding the Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals by Newsome (Canvas)Your response is really up to you […]

Responsibilities Exercise

In most organizations, the decision to sponsor an event comes from Boards, Committees, and/or combinations with upper management. The paid staff and volunteers execute the decisions of these entities and are interdependent upon mutual collaboration between both groups.  It is important that both groups maintain a unified vision of the event and respect each groups […]

Planning Exercise

Ultimately, a volunteer coordinator or manager strives to produce a successful event by making the best use of what is available to his or her organization. Mobilizing volunteers to assist existing staff is only one part of the equation. Planning where and when the event will take place, who will participate including staff, volunteers, and […]

Event Template

Preparing for a sponsored event so that it can be successfully executed is the primary focus for a volunteer coordinator.  Every aspect of the event and where volunteer versus paid staff would best fit and serve must be examined. Additionally, based on the level of participation, the number of participants, and skill sets, a projected […]

Ministry: Feed My People (FMP) Supermarket

FINAL PAPER GUIDELINES Write a ten-page paper on the topic: A Contemporary Model for Christian Education In My Context. This model, derived from your personal ministry/educational context should be usable and doable. The model should be one that is relevant for the 21st century. At a minimum the paper should: 1.    Briefly describe your present […]

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