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Analysis of Findings

uctionsAnalysis of Findings Related to Your Research Question and Hypothesis Using the knowledge you gained from your Annotated Bibliography, evaluate your own research question and hypothesis. Requirements: 1. Introduction: Introduce your research project. Identify your research question, identify your hypothesis, and identify your main variables. Explain why you are researching this topic. 2. Literature Review: […]

Week 7: Unobstrusive Measures and Evaluation

This discussion includes several steps. Please complete the following steps and write an initial post answering the questions:Part One:1. Watch this Bugs Bunny cartoon called “Rabbit Season.” As you watch this nearly 2 and half minute video, count the number of violent acts that you witness in the video.**** (the video)2. Make an initial post […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Begin this assignment with a brief paragraph introducing your topic. This paragraph should include your tentative research question and hypothesis. Description of the literature review in the proposal assignment:This section is a presentation of the background of the problem and includes a theoretical as well as an empirical methodological review (this means your literature review […]

Coping With Loss

M1: Discussion: Personal Awareness22 unread replies.22 replies.InstructionsAfter you have completed your assigned readings, respond to all of the discussion board questions. Take into consideration the requirements as you create your response. Discussion PromptSitting with people in their pain is difficult at best, but what about when their grief is similar to grief that we have […]

Short Discussion

Our chapter provides a plethora of information about gender in our society.  We know that messages about gender and how to do or be your gendered self begin early in life.  Various techniques are used – as a part of our socialization process – to ‘encourage’ us to conform to the gendered norms of society […]

Transgender Kids

members of the transgender community are more visible now than at any time in the past.  Understanding of people whose presentation to society may not match their outward appearance is growing – but very slowly.  The following video features a Mom who talks about her son’s transition process. Please watch it and then respond to […]

2 rebuttlas

PART1: Initial question and answer: What are the characteristics of quantitative analysis that lend itself to the perception that it is “more scientific” than qualitative research?  To what extent do you agree with this perception?  Why? The deductive nature of quantitative analysis allows us to test theories and present data in numerical form. This takes […]

The Impact of Social Policy

Social policies can have a significant impact on individuals and families, as well as the organizations and agencies that implement the policies. In some cases, the policy, as written, appears comprehensive and effective. Yet, despite appearances, the policy might fail to be effective as a result of improper implementation, interpretation, and/or application of the policy. […]

Analyzing Social Problems and Social Policy

You might think that social problems only affect those who suffer from the problem directly, but they actually have much broader impact. For example, the public education system shapes the educational experiences of those who are not a part of the private school system. The government provides policies and procedures necessary to develop the public […]

Leadership & Multiculturalism

How did this week’s learning content (assigned readings, etc.) challenge or affirm your thinking? What did you agree or disagree with and explain why? Did you learn anything new? Is there anything you are curious about? Provide evidence to support your points. We all read the assigned readings, so do not repeat them for us. […]

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