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All applicants go through a series of tests that check their level of English and knowledge of formatting styles. The applicant is also required to present a sample of writing to the Evaluation Department. If you wish to find out more about the procedure, check out the whole process.

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Our Quality Control Department checks every single order for formatting, style, word usage, and authenticity. This lets us deliver certified assignment assistance that has no Internet rivals.

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Message Analysis

Your boss wants to send out a brief company email welcoming employees who recently transferred from the Hong Kong branch to your department. These employees, all of whom are Hong Kong natives, speak English, but your boss asks you to review his message for clarity. Using a minimum of one scholarly and/or credible source from […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Assignment OverviewUnit 4 – Individual ProjectASSIGNMENT DESCRIPTIONDeliverable Length: Part I: 1 budget in standard format; Part II: 700900-word memoOBJECTIVESPart I Compose a memo to the client discussing the benefits of a budget. Include information regarding static budgets, as well as flexible budgets, and the differences between the two. In Part II of this assignment, you […]

Nursing Leadership Use this website for this information. Talk about what TeamSTEPPS is, types of team leaders, effective team leaders, and assigning tasks and responsibilities, etc. (the concepts) Review current literature and research on nurse leadership and a clinical nurse leader’s role.

Political analysis politics and advocacy

Description: There are many political factors that may prevent evidence-based or promising public health policy from becoming law. As a lobbyist hired by the coalition working to advance the bill you are tracking this semester, analyze the political context surrounding your bill using the prompts (questions) below. Conclude your analysis by making a well-informed prediction […]

Occupational Therapy Interest Paper

    Create a personal definition of Occupational Therapy by incorporating an understanding of the historical and philosophical base of the profession of occupational therapy while integrating the meaning and dynamics of occupation and activity, including the interaction of areas of occupation, performance skills, performance patterns, activity demands, context(s), and environments, client factors.    Identify and describe […]

Ethical Implications

Learning ObjectivesExamine the process involved with problem formulation.Apply critical thinking to problem identification.Apply decision-making techniques.Determine factors affecting decision implementation.Evaluate resources and actions required for implementation.Evaluate ethical implications of a decision.Evaluate decision-making outcomes and processes.Prompt Examine a business issue of your choosing that has ethical implications. Or, you are free to use the Debate regarding Should […]

financial plan

My group and I want to start a secondary goods trade platform. We have given 100,000 dollars as capital. Please provide a financial plan for us. Here are some examples of the previous group’s business plans, you can go through their finance part then do the writing.

Music therapy/Guided Imagery/ Spiritual Therapy/Paint Therapy

Music therapy and paint therapy are gaining importance and more health care professionals are recommending and prescribing this type of complementary therapy. Please go to (The University of North Dakota) and review their Music Therapy classes. Enter Music Therapy in the search box within the und site.  The university has a major called Music […]


Choose one of the main traits associated with leaders identified in our readings and videos. Can this trait be developed, taught and improved or is it fixed and unchangeable? Explain. Identify two people, a widely known public person and a person you know personally, who both demonstrate this trait. How does it serve them in […]

Artificial Intelligence

1. Discuss the contemporary issue of Artificial intelligence as a topic2. Discuss the issue from two viewpoints (comparison and contrast) 3. Define its applicability to the security profession 4. provide a summation Times New Roman  Font And please include 2 scholarly resources per page. This assignment must be free of any plagiarism.

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