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Annotated Bibliography

Select 10 scholarly articles (ALL ARTICLES MUST BE WITHIN THE LAST 10 YEARS) that will support your research paper. Write an annotated bibliography. An annotated bibliography takes each article and a short paragraph is written stating how the article supports your research paper. Each scholarly article is listed (in APA format) then the paragraph is […]

Comparative paper proposal SEM

Submit a paper proposal  for your comparative paper.Set out the context of the topic of your paper in thinking comparatively about two similar or dissimilar writers, themes, ideas, perspectives that we have encountered and analyzed throughout the course.You must address at least one reading or media we have discussed in the course, and you are […]

Article Analysis-The nurse is often a moral spectator observing decisions

I have attached the topic question , the article that is being analyzed, rubric to follow and the 9 provision of code of ethics that needs to be incorporated while analyzing the article. Please see the bottom of the code of ethics provision file and  those ethics provided  and the in text citation provided as […]

Policy Letter

Hello I need a letter wrote to the school board that summarizes a policy analysis that I wrote. The writer will need to read the analysis and form a letter to the school board about the changes I reqiested om the policy analysis. I will provide a copy of the policy analysis to the writer, […]


Assume that you are an educational psychologist hired to consult on gifted student program development. Write a letter to the gifted parents of one of your students letting them know the good news that their 7-year-old child has been identified as gifted. Be sure to explain the story and context before the child was formally […]

define the CSR policy of one well-known public company.

The Unit 7 Assignment requires you to consider the role of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in an organizations strategy. CSR requires companies to ensure they are always working towards four pillars of societal accountability: economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic. Prior to working on the assignment, consider completing the following learning activity as it will prepare […]


– Handout for prevention of alcohol use disorder (AUD): – Attendees will be: 300 University student– Address key messages to be covered– List important health-related consequences of AUD– Discuss pathophysiology of AUD in heart diseases, including hypertension, heart failure, stroke, – Discus pathophysiology of AUD in liver disease– Discuss pathophysiology of ADUD in breast cancer– […]

Case Study- Mobilizing the Masses

Required ResourcesRead/review the following resources for this activity: Textbook: Chapter 4, 5 – Duiker, W. J. (2015). Contemporary world history (6th ed.). Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning.Minimum of 2 scholarly sources (in addition to the textbook) InstructionsFor this assignment, select one of the following options. Option 1: Chronicle Adolf Hitler’s rise from failed art student to […]

Working with Multi-Problem Families

Please read the following chapter in your text: Chapter 19: Multisystemic Therapy as a Strengths-Based Model for Working with Multiproblem FamiliesChapter 19 discusses multi-problem families using a multisystemic model. A review of Bronfenbrenners ecological model is discussed and applied to multi-problem family systems. The chapter concludes by discussing strengths- and deficits-based models for working with […]

Family Policy through a Human Rights Lens

Chapter 18 of your text reviewed social policies that focus on individuals and families across the domains of family formation and family care. It then analyzed family policy through a human rights lens and identified areas of injustice and inequality that families face. Finally, the chapter discussed the lack of access to healthcare that families […]

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