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Just War and Virtue Ethics

MUST USE CHICAGO FOOTNOTING STYLE 16th EDITION Use the perspective of Virtue Ethics, and place the controversy of a ‘just war’ and create a thesis based around this. In so doing, critically develop a philosophical thesis on that moral issue from the perspective of your chosen ethical theory, also relating to christian context. Please include […]

Womens Rights Movement Begins

Find 3 primary and 3 secondary sources that pertain to your research topic. The Topic is the Woman Suffrage movement. Below each citation, write a short paragraph (100 words) for each source you find, summarizing the content and explaining how this source will be useful in your paper. must be in Chicago style citations I […]

Nutrition Discussion Prompt

What is your favorite food and what NOVA processing category does it fall under? AND Why is this food your favorite?From your research what was the most interesting fact you learned?We know processed foods are easy to prepare and convenient which is why many American’s include them in their diet. What are other challenges American’s […]

New 3 Page Paper Latin American

write an essay on ANY SUBJECT between 1820 and 1940s, that means, between the Monroe Doctrine and the Good Neighbor Policy. It does not have to be the Monroe Doctrine or the Good Neighbor Policy specifically, but instead any subject, theme, topic, event, process, or development that took place between those too, including them if […]

Suffrage Reflection #6: Anti-Suffragists

I need a one page Journal answer these questions from the text provided. What does Manuela Thurner argue is the reason women campaigned against their own suffrage? Splintered Sisterhood: Gender and Class in the Campaign Against Women Suffrage.  How is Susan Marshall’s interpretation of the Antis different from Thurners? Analyze the Anti-suffrage leaflet on page […]

Ministry: Feed My People (FMP) Supermarket

FINAL PAPER GUIDELINES Write a ten-page paper on the topic: A Contemporary Model for Christian Education In My Context. This model, derived from your personal ministry/educational context should be usable and doable. The model should be one that is relevant for the 21st century. At a minimum the paper should: 1.    Briefly describe your present […]

How do Lockes criteria for exclusion compare with those of Socrates? How do their differences on this issue reflect their different political goals?

uses Locke’s Letter Concerning Toleration and Plato’s Republic.this is the entire essay topic In “A Letter Concerning Toleration” Locke champions religious toleration in contrast with the restrictive practices of the churches of his day and the states that enforced these.  Socrates, by contrast,  practices intolerance In constructing his city in speech, suppressing the opinions about the […]

Concert Report

I am a sports medicine major with an  music class as an elective.  Professor asked us to write a concert report on a jazz concert of our Choice. the Concert I’ve chose is The Music of Miles Davis – Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis.  We must answer the following questions:  Did this […]

Essay #2 – States

Essay 2 On the basis of class lectures and assigned and recommended readings thus far, please present an argument based on the following statement: The emergence of states represents an extraordinary revolution in human social organization and in the technologies of social control available to rulers.  Your answer should define what a state is, should […]


WSU library website:                                         I uploaded the LRA 1 documents and the instruction  please follow the instruction, as long as we made all the instruction we are good to go.

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