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Crossrail – The Elizabeth Line – By Crossrail Ltd

Based on the week 2 learning journal where you discussed the project planning and front-end issues of your setting, in Week 3 submission you are required to discuss the value issues related to the project(s) in your setting. In so doing please relate to your own experience, case study discussions, theory and conceptual contributions from […]

opportunity evaluation

1/ Name of the company is (Transcend) their website is ( 2/I need section 3 only (Stage 3, is the opportunity viable). I uploaded a sample please follow its structure identically if possible. Data can be drawn from the link uploaded the book for reference for the project.

Janmar Coatings Case Study

Please note that the questions you are required to answer are: How might one characterizer the architectural paint coatings industry and Janmar Coatings’ trade area?How might one segment Janmar Coatings’ market area?Which segment(s) represent opportunities for Janmar Coatings?What is Janmar Coatings’ competitive position in its market area?Which segment or segments should Janmar Coatings pursue?What strategy […]


    One page summary of your proposal    Typically three paragraphso    Outline the topic and backgroundo    What is you prospective methodological profile?    Potential:o    Benefitso    Implicationso    Recommendationsexpected with this potential study

International Political Economy

Pick one question only! 1.    Critically evaluate the role that trade liberalisation has played in Chinas economic growth in the last decades and whether it can be emulated by other developing countries today. 2.    How has the production and appropriation of economic value been transformed by the globalisation of production since the 1970s? Critically discuss […]

Lobbying and Policy Making in the EU

Answer one question only 1.    Is outside lobbying inherently less successful than inside lobbying? Discuss with reference to at least two case studies. 2.    Access to EU institutions is biased in favour of business groups. Discuss. 3.    Business actors are more successful than NGOs in influencing EU policy- making. Do you agree? 4.    Why and […]

Events Literature Review Report

I am an international hotel and events major.This is a literature review. 1500 words or little bit more +10%. Include an abstract/executive summary, not included in text. Please make it very engaging with literature between text. Include a conclusion, intro as its a literature review. I would say I would like to have 15 references […]

Events Literature Review

Im an international hotel and events major and need to write a literature review 1500 words that relates to my topic. Please see 10B51DD for what students topics were last term. Please note before I ASSiGn a writer I need to know what the topic is so please take a look and tell me. I […]

Social Media (Portfolio)

The research problem is Social media abuse that football players are susceptible to. Assignment Task and word count: A Research Plan describing your problem/issue, with a plan for collecting and analysing social media data (no more than 1,500 words). An Appendix of supporting evidence (screen shots, data samples etc.) showing that your research plan is […]

Literature Review

Exercise 1:for each of the assigned articles identify up to three key ideas and summarise them in three bullet points.Discuss and compare your points create one list of up to five bullet points summarising the key ideas across all five articles. Exercise 2:identify the following points across all five articles:Key definitions, concepts and theoriesKey findings […]

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