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Culinary Arts – Breakfast Proteins

Which of the proteins listed above are plant-based? Beans are the winner here, and they are an amazing addition to any meal. Have you ever had beans at breakfast? Today, you’ll be researching other plant-based proteins (especially those that you may not be familiar with) that you can add to breakfast.  Plant-based proteins are lower […]


Students will take one or two  interesting aspect of one of the three texts (Dreamland, Unbroken Brain, Hey Kiddo ), and present to class.  Students can discuss something they found unique, enlightening, profound and or a section of the books  that may have a drew upon some personal emotion while reading the texts. Five minutes […]


For as much positive change as social media has created, it has arguably been a negative disrupter in society. One of the solutions that is discussed is the idea of breaking up the dominance of players like Facebook. tell us your point of view. Read Kara Swisher’s viewpoint and listen to Prof Galloway’s podcast in […]

Freedom of speech

First, read the questions in the assessment below so you will have a general idea of what you will be looking for in the article. Next, open and read the attached PDF article. Answers to the questions should be written in accurate, detailed, and complete sentences (2-4 per question). 1. Describe the issue (the underlying […]

marketing video

Some things to mention/discuss for the video can be what you learned, whether you think its a good/bad idea/strategy, things that may have surprised you.  Write your own thoughts/opinions.  Not a word for word description of what was discussed in the video. Video link:–AuxdQUdlo&list=PLDt0J62yU45sN1rBmNiSRr12acZBnPAZy&index=24

Principal of Marketing

Background: Gatorade was the first mover in the sports drink market. Growth and macro environmental factors such as increasing interest in health and fitness combined with effective marketing led to rapid adoption. As the beverage market evolved and expanded, competitors took share with differentiated benefits such as added caffeine or less sugar. Gatorade innovated with […]

Policy Paper

I choose Poverty In this discussion, submit a thread (300 or more words) sharing the policy topic you would like to write about for the paper that is due in Unit 7. This topic should be of importance to you; this will help in writing your paper.  Be sure to include two reasons why there […]


Submit one page reflection on the lecture of DiGiovanni. Point out what you found interesting and if there were points of connection (or not) with what we are learning in this course. (‘Special Assignment’ is from the same course as well and you could just use the same reading materials used before)

Slavery and Freedom

Watch the video from this link: the three narratives that were discussed in the film.  Based on the descriptions in the film, which narrative would be most effective in convincing you to turn abolitionist?  Why?


Directions: Answer each question accordingly.  For the final question, you will be graded upon your thesis construction, use of evidence, organization of ideas, and structure [3 paragraphs]. According to Pinker, religion seems to be tightly interwoven into the cultural aspect of a person’s morality. Argue for whether you agree with this implicit assumption

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