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All applicants go through a series of tests that check their level of English and knowledge of formatting styles. The applicant is also required to present a sample of writing to the Evaluation Department. If you wish to find out more about the procedure, check out the whole process.

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Our Quality Control Department checks every single order for formatting, style, word usage, and authenticity. This lets us deliver certified assignment assistance that has no Internet rivals.

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QPSK Modulation and Demodulation without consideration of noise

Write a code in MatLAB where input message signal is your name and surname: “Name” “Surname”. The signal sampling frequency will be 1 MHz, the carrier frequency will be 100 kHz and the number of samples per bit will be 20. The cut off frequency of the filter will be 25 kHz.Run the code generated […]

Matlab PAM PWM PPM sketch

Matlab implementation:1. Assume the train of pulses frequency and any other required parameters.2. Use a single tone signal as a modulating signal. Plot this signal in time domain and plot its frequency spectrum.3. Plot the modulated signal (PAM, PWM and PPM) in time domain and its frequency spectrum.

Implementing network using packet tracer

Hi, I am having some difficulty and not being able to figure it out how to Add a default static route on Home Router so that it will deliver all packets correctly. ( What IP should I be using)Add a static route to on SF router.I have attached the Cisco Packet Tracer and highlight […]

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