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Analysis of Findings

uctionsAnalysis of Findings Related to Your Research Question and Hypothesis Using the knowledge you gained from your Annotated Bibliography, evaluate your own research question and hypothesis. Requirements: 1. Introduction: Introduce your research project. Identify your research question, identify your hypothesis, and identify your main variables. Explain why you are researching this topic. 2. Literature Review: […]

Week 7: Unobstrusive Measures and Evaluation

This discussion includes several steps. Please complete the following steps and write an initial post answering the questions:Part One:1. Watch this Bugs Bunny cartoon called “Rabbit Season.” As you watch this nearly 2 and half minute video, count the number of violent acts that you witness in the video.**** (the video)2. Make an initial post […]

Philosophy of love and sex

1. Loving the Good, or Just Good Loving?What is the relationship between the conception of love espoused by Socrates in the Symposium and Augustine’s conception of love? How might Socrates and Augustine best defend their conceptions of love in response to Baier’s criticisms of the misamorist tradition in “Unsafe Love’s”? Are any of the contemporary […]

How to sustain and maintain an ethical command climate

Explain the relationship between a Sergeants Majors role in establishing and sustaining a positive and ethical climate and the role of leadership in the exercise of moral courage (think about your responsibility to establish a positive ethical climate and how this impacts moral courage). Reflect upon the below questions before you begin: -How does a […]

Response paper

In this response paper, you will write a “close reading” (250-300 words) and critical analysis of selected passages.Include quotations from the text and interpret them. Write (4) substantive questions at the end of your response. Avoid generalizations, vague language, and extended personal reflections. Focus on analyzing the text and offering a critical reaction. Cite all […]

Understanding Audit Relationships

Hello, I need help with this essay: I attached my “Milestone One” and the Project Scenario. Adding to memo from Milestone One, document your understanding of the relationship between audit risk, audit evidence, and financial statement assertions as it specifically relates to this company and industry. A. Describe the audit data or evidence your team […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Begin this assignment with a brief paragraph introducing your topic. This paragraph should include your tentative research question and hypothesis. Description of the literature review in the proposal assignment:This section is a presentation of the background of the problem and includes a theoretical as well as an empirical methodological review (this means your literature review […]


Each of the two separate exam answers must be 6-7 pages (1500-1750 words) in length, double-spaced, numbered, include 1-inch margins, and use 12-point Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman font. You must include a cover page that says simply HIST 480 Course Challenge Exam. Each exam answer must include footnotes or endnotes and a separate […]

Research paper outline

The research paper outline must contain: A list of three key terms (“subjects” and “keywords”) that you have used to find materials in the UF libraries catalog and in the journals and journal indexes that are collected in Find Journals  (Links to an external site.)system. A bibliography list (at least five sources) directly relevant to […]

Case study analysis

Components of a Case Study Analysis Introduction (identify key issues in the case study; also, you must formulate and include a thesis statement, summarizing the outcome of your analysis in one or two sentences).Background (set the scene and give background information, relevant facts, and the most important issues; demonstrate that you have researched the issues […]

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